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Ninebot E (Elite) White and Blue/Silver (US Warranty)

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The Ninebot E (Elite) is your best option for two wheeled Self Balancing Electric Vehicle.

It's build by the same company that owns Segway so you know it is good quality.

Comes in both Black with Red and White with Blue and Silver

These Personal Transporters are perfect for getting around the company campus or your warehouse.  They are also great for touring the city or exploring your neighborhood.

Safely maintain balance with micro-electronic gyroscopes and sensors powered by the high-speed microprocessor that verifies balance 200-500 times per second! Advanced Accelerometers verify speed and keep you going on your way.

Change direction by tilting the handle bar to the left or right, as well as forward and backwards.

Powered by only the safest Li-Ion Batteries, you can monitor your trip with the display screen on the handlebar.  It shows you Speed, Battery Level, Alarms, Bluetooth Status and riding time. 

The Ninebot Elite has two 1350 Watt motors with one in each wheel to give you the power you need to get across the company campus or up-and-down those steep hills with a range of 12-18 Miles* on a single charge.

Factory Specifications:

Model Ninetbot-E
Primary Materials Magnesium alloy+ aluminum alloy+ LEXAN resin
Weight  Shipping 52lbs
Machine Size 15.4" X 23.2" X 43.3"~ 55.1"
Shipping Carton Sizes Mainframe: 24.4" x 17.3" x 18.5" (50 lbs} Operation Bar: 44.9" x 5.5" x 3.7" (5 lbs}
Recommended Max Payload 250 lbs
Max. Speed 12.5 Mph
Max Range  12.5-18 Miles *(full battery charge, flat terrain, dependent on riders weight)
Max. Slope 20 degrees (incline I decline)
Speed Settings Limited Speed Mode: Can be adjusted from 2.5- 6.2 Mph (4-10Kph)
  Normal Speed Mode: (default mode): 6.8- 12.4 Mph (11-20Kph)
Battery Lithium 55V/450W
Motor 2 x 1350W
Tire/Rim Size 85/50-12 custom tires, 12" x 2.7" rims
Back-up System Redundant electronic control system
Remote Control Keys Multi-Function Wireless Key FOB (2 pieces)
Charger I Charge Time 1 x standard charger, 120W, 3 hours for full charge
Wireless Bluetooth wireless connection.   Remote control using 'NineDroid' Smartphone APP
NineDroid APP Display Panel Displays battery capacity; mileage; speed; temperature; firmware ver­ sions; speed-limited mode; remote control mode; locked mode; Bluetooth connection; Warnings; and System Alerts
Handlebar Dashboard Readable in sunlight; automatic luminance adjustment; power, mileage, speed, riding time, internal temperature, firmware, switch off limit speed mode, remote control mode, lock mode, Bluetooth connection display; alarm, fault status & code display



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