InMotion MoHawk V3Pro – Future Unicycle
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InMotion MoHawk V3Pro

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InMotion MoHawk V3Pro

This Sensor Controlled Vehicle (SCV) is another version of Self Balancing Electric Unicycle.  However, it's the twin-wheel version, but the two are close enough to look like one wide tire.  This is to assist in sideways balance making it easier to ride than regular unicycles. This makes it perfect for those concerned about the balancing requirements of one wheeled brands.

The Smartphone app (iOS and Android) allows you to remote start, pair the speaker with your phone for streaming of music and can even control the headlights. 

Don't worry about getting wet while you ride around town for 12-15 miles on a single charge.  The weatherproof rating of IP55 means it can withstand a soft jet of water for 15 minutes straight, and can withstand a sand storm.








Maximum Cruising Speed 11 mph (18 Km/h) ①
Maximum Mileage 12.5-15.5 miles (20~25 Km) ②
Maximum Climbing Angle 18°
Net Weight 30.4 lbs (13.8Kg)
Payload Weight 265 lbs. (120Kg)
Whole Product Size 16.5in*20.2in*7in  (420*515*178 mm)
Battery Sony 144wh (72V 2Ah) Lithium Batter
Charge Requirement American Plug AC110-220V 50~60Hz
Charging Time About 1.5 hours
Tires 2 -14inch Inflatable Tire (330mm)
Best Riding Temperature 14-104°F (-10~40℃)
Waterproof Level IP55③


①This speed is measured under the condition of 165lbs (75kg) of weight. ②The maximum mileage is measured under the condition of 77°F (25℃) and 165lbs (75 Kg) of payload on flat road. The mileage may vary under different conditions of riding habits, temperature, road condition, and payloads. Mileage may also vary due to different types and batteries. ③The waterproof and dust resistance level is IP 55, which means the unicycle functions well when treading water no deeper than 6.7inches (170mm).

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