InMotion MoGo SCV – Future Unicycle
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InMotion MoGo SCV

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InMotion MoGo SCV

This Sensor Controlled Vehicle (SCV) is another version of Self Balancing Electric Vehicle.  This two-wheel Self Balancing Electric Vehicle is perfect for riding around the neighborhood, going to work, or getting around your company campus or warehouse at ~9 miles per hour.

Available in Red, Yellow, and White.

The Smartphone app (iOS and Android) allows you to see the operational state including the speed, mileage, and bttery life.  You can set the Wi-Fi, GPS and Speed Limit.  It also allows for remote firmware updates so you don't need to worry about updating.

Don't worry about getting wet while you ride around town for ~10-18 miles on a single charge.  The weatherproof rating of IP65 means it can withstand rain, but is not fully waterproof, and can withstand a sand storm.  The battery is easy to swap out for a fully charged one if you need to keep riding while one is charging.

 Download the Full Product Manual Here.




 Factory Specifications:

Maximum Cruising Speed 9 mph (15 Km/h) ①
Maximum Mileage 10-18.6 miles (16~30 Km) ②
Maximum Climbing Angle 15°
Net Weight 35 lbs (16Kg)
Payload Weight 220 lbs. (100Kg)
Whole Product Size 18in*19.3in*56.7in  (460*490*1440 mm)
Battery Sony 288wh (72V 4Ah) Lithium Battery③ 2000 charges
Charge Requirement American Plug AC110-220V 50~60Hz
Charging Time About 3.5 hours
Tires 2 -Vacuum Tires
Optimal Riding Temperature Range 14-122°F (-10~50℃)
Waterproof Level IP65④


①Max Speed can be adjusted through the application. You may get a higher instant speed but will stabilize at the set speed. ②Distance per charge was calculated under the following test conditions: 25℃, 70 Kg payload and smooth terrain. The cruising distance varies under different riding conditions. Different SCV and battery models will cause a difference in cruising distance. ③The Machine Weight includes a 4 Ah Battery Pack. Different models weigh differently because of different materials used. The R1EX is about 16 Kg.④The INMOTION SCV is rated IP65 and protects against dust. It is not waterproof, and should not be cleaned using a hose. Water may cause permanent damage to the INMOTION SCV. Do not use a power washer or high pressure hose to clean your INMOTION SCV.

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